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Article: 7 Reasons You Need to Wear a Genuine Italian Fabric

7 Reasons You Need to Wear a Genuine Italian Fabric

Genuine Italian fabrics are considered luxury fabrics appreciated for their superior quality, comfort and attention to detail. In an attempt to evolve our use of more sustainable and ethically produced materials, we have incorporated a selection of Italian wool in our Fall/ Winter '21 Collection. 

Here are 7 reasons you should consider investing in Italian fabrics.

1. Unique Weaving Patterns
One of the features you will find in genuine Italian wool fabrics is a unique weaving pattern. For thousands of years, textile makers in Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean region have been pioneering ways to weave fabrics into garments. When compared to English- and American-made fabrics, the weaving patterns of Italian-made fabrics are truly unique and aren’t found elsewhere.
2. Exceptional Softness
Genuine Italian wool are softer and more comfortable to wear than other fabrics. Angora wool, for example, is recognized throughout the world as being one of the softest fabrics on the planet. 
3. Made From Italian Fabric Mills
The Italian fabric used to make these mills is not just harvested and shipped to manufacturers; it’s actually produced in some of Italy’s most esteemed fabric mills. Italian fabric mills are responsible for producing the world’s finest textiles, which are then used by manufacturers to create luxury garments.
4. Limited Availability
The scarcity of genuine Italian fabric limits the number of garments made from Italian wool.  This means the exclusivity of the fabric adds value to your garment.
5. Superior Durability
Italian wool fabrics are known for their superior strength and durability. It’s frustrating when you purchase a garment, only to discover a ripped seam or loose thread just a few weeks later. Normally, damage such as this is the result of poor craftsmanship. But it’s also something you can avoid by choosing a high-quality, well-made suit, such as a genuine Italian wool fabrics. The unique weaving construction combined with the fabric itself allows for a stronger and more durable garment that is less likely to succumb to damage.
6. Long Lasting
Italian wool fabrics do not just last for years; they last for decades. This is due to their unique weaving patterns combined with their superior durability. You may have to spend a little more to purchase a garment made form genuine Italian wool, but you have to think of it as an investment. Over time, it could actually save you money by eliminating the need for a replacement. If you purchase a low-quality garment made of an alternative fabric, it could break down or degrade after just a few years (or even months), in which case you’ll have to replace it. But Italian fabrics can last for decades, all while offering the highest level of performance.
7. Organic, Natural Textiles
Finally, it’s worth noting that true, genuine Italian fabric all consist of organic, natural textiles. While other fabrics contain synthetic, man-made textiles, Italian wool fabrics do not. Instead, they are made of natural textiles like cotton, wool and linen, which are meticulously woven to create luxury garments.
The Laira Abayah made form Italian Wool.
The Maimun Abayah made form Italian Wool.

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