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Role Overview:

AVYAANA is currently in search of an experienced Pattern Cutter/ Sample Machinist to work closely with the Design team.


  • Reporting to the Design Executive, Creating fresh, modern and innovative patterns.
  • Flat creative pattern cutting from sketches and images.
  • Creating detailed pattern specification sheets.
  • Preparing fabrics, including cutting and organising, to be used for creating garment samples.
  • Using sewing machines and hand sewing techniques to assemble the various pattern pieces into complete garments. This involves stitching, attaching trims, zippers, buttons, and other components.
  • Creating initial prototypes of garments based on the provided patterns. These prototypes serve as the first physical representation of the designer's vision.
  • Collaborating with designers to make necessary alterations to the garment based on fit and design feedback.
  • Ensuring that the garments are sewn to a high standard of quality, paying attention to stitching accuracy, finishing details, and overall craftsmanship.
  • Addressing challenges that arise during the sewing process, such as fabric behaviour, construction difficulties, and achieving desired drape and fit.
  • Keeping records of the sewing process, alterations made, and any changes requested during fittings for future reference.
  • Creating multiple iterations of samples if design changes are made or if various fabric options are being tested.
  • Working within tight timelines to ensure that samples are completed for fittings, presentations, and other important milestones.


  • A vocational training program or university degree in fashion design, pattern making and garment construction.
  • Extensive and credible pattern cutting experience.
  • Strong proficiency in sewing techniques, both by machine and hand, is essential. Candidates should have a demonstrated ability to sew accurately and neatly.
  • Excellent and modern eye for detail, shape and proportion. Knowledge and experience in garment fitting, alterations, and adjustments to achieve the desired fit.
  • Ability to troubleshoot sewing-related challenges, address issues as they arise, and find solutions to achieve the desired design outcome.
  • Ability to confidently and creatively translate images, sketches and ideas into accurate patterns/samples.
  • Basic grading knowledge.

 Please apply by sending your CV & Cover Letter to